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After the long, childhood road of giving my mom, grandma and aunts "pedicures" for $1 (which consisted of mostly rubbing their feet with lotion,) and then giving countless makeovers to friends and trying every makeup and nail art technique under the sun on them and my self, I went to college to become a Psychologist.  Yup.  Being somewhat of an empath has always been part of my soul, but so has being creative and bringing joy to others.  After a few years of study and thought, I decided to try my hand at the beauty/wellness industry.  This is where I spent 11 years learning the ins and outs of running a small business, while being part of the front desk, and then part of the nail and skin care teams at an Award-Winning, mountain Day Spa.  I learned skills for dealing with clients from every angle.. phone calls, booking appointments, check-ins, check-outs, credit cards, service providing (nails/facials.)   The last few years there I felt like I needed a change, and since growing more and more crotchety in my old age, I wanted to do it by myself.  Cut to 2014... I started my own solo nail studio, and called it House of A.  My name is Alana (and also, I'm pretty Amazing and Awesome,) so I thought... come to my House, my Empire... where I will make your nails the best they've ever been!  Lol, but seriously... the best part of my job is getting to be creative and help my clients bring their nail dreams to life!  My favorite is when they squeal and giggle with delight because they love their nails so hard.  Makes me happy and tells me I'm doing my job well. My clients always tell me how much they appreciate my attention to detail and my creativity with nail art.. which they don't often receive at other, (lame-o) nail salons.  I love seeing my regulars and coming up with Hot AF (see what I did there?) designs while we talk about things from binge-watching the latest shows to feelings about divorce or job issues in an environment where we can be ourselves and do what we want!  Many people have told me that coming to see me is like therapy with a prize at the end!  Laugh, curse, cry, dance, hug, sing, whatever. 

You can do it all at House of A, no judgments here.

Alana Folger, owner

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