• Enjoy your service knowing that I am following ALL precautions from DORA and the CDC, and Salon Republic is also taking extra measures to insure disinfection and safety in the common areas.

  • If you are feeling sick AT ALL,  do not come in, please reschedule your appointment.

  • You MUST wear a mask the entire time you are in the building.  I will do the same.

  • When you arrive in the parking lot, please stay in your car and text 720.336.9256 with your name to let me know you’ve arrived.  

  • WAIT for me to text you the go-ahead to come in after I am done sanitizing and preparing for you.  

  • Please be patient if I’m running late, there is a lot to do between appointments! 

  • Please come in with as few belongings as possible. 

  • Practice social distancing with others in the common areas of Salon Republic.

  • Upon entering the building there will be a hand sanitizing station on your right.  Please use it before continuing to my studio.

  • Please wait at my studio door before entering.  I will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer, and also ask some health screening questions which I will log for trace-back purposes.  (depending on your answers and temp, you may be asked to reschedule.) 

  • I should be the only one touching polish bottles right now, so please refrain from touching the displays.  I am happy to help you!

  • The use of phones/devices during services will be prohibited at this time.

  • There will be no magazines available right now.

  • NO outside food or drinks will be allowed in the studio, but I will have water available upon request.

  • All Pedicures will get disposable sandals.



  • Create an online booking profile if you don’t already have one.  Besides booking, it also gives you the ability to add a credit card to your profile, allowing for a touchless checkout process in the studio.

  • If you’ve purchased a gift card, which many of you have (thank you!!) I may ask if we can break it up and use it in increments, so that I may have some amount of income while also allowing everyone to use their gift cards over time.  An example being: using your gift card for half the cost and paying the other half at the time of service, and then doing the same at your next visit.  This is up to you and not mandatory.

  • Product and rent increases have been applied due to the amount of downtime in our industry caused by Covid-19. Additionally, there is PPE, and other safety/sanitation materials I had to procure to be able to comply with our new guidelines from DORA. Therefore a price increase of $5 to all services will be effective May 15.


I know this is A LOT of information to process.  For me, too!  So please let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to answer them. If we all work together, hopefully we won’t have to do this forever.  But for now, and until further notice, this is the new normal for House of A.  I love you all, and appreciate your loyalty and support to the moon and back!  Thank you for waiting for me!  We will make your nail dreams come true again!