Due to the nature of my job, I depend on you to show up for your appointments, or I lose income. I love all my clients and appreciate your business so much, and as an independent business owner I am always looking for ways to improve and create a fabulous experience for all... myself included. I completely understand that we all have busy lives and sometimes plans change, but recently I feel like more and more people are canceling and rescheduling excessively, which (believe it or not) creates a lot of stress in my world. Especially the closer it gets to the appointment time. While I completely love and embrace online booking as an amazing tool and such a convenience for you (and me) to be able to manage your own appointments, it has prompted me to update my cancellation policy in hopes of keeping set appointments as a priority with respect to my time and sanity, lol. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. The new Cancellation/Rescheduling policy will take effect January 1, 2020 and is as follows: "A $20 fee will be charged for any cancellations or rescheduling of set appointments within 7 days of the originally booked time. Cancellations/Rescheduling within 24 hours of a set appointment will be charged for the full amount of the services booked. Please plan accordingly."
  Kids = Distraction.  For you, and for me.  Even if they're great kids, what may seem like normal and innocent behavior actually keeps me from doing my 100% best job on your nails.  And due to safety concerns and limited space, my studio is not the place for your kiddos, sorry!      
If you booked a manicure service with me, please be respectful and put aside your devices while I'm working on you.  I understand we might need to be accessible for a quick text or call from the kids/spouse, but let me just say... working on a laptop or texting/talking for the entire length of a manicure = NOT OKAY.   Basically, let's just be good human beings.


If you booked a service that includes a design, try to have some ideas ready when you come in.  That way we won't waste your design time trying to decide what to do.  Take a look at my designs for ideas, or search Pinterest and save a few pins for inspiration.  You can always text me your ideas ahead of time as well, if you want feedback.
For Pedicure services, it's usually best NOT to shave your legs that day.  Salt scrubs, lotions and potions I may apply can burn or irritate your freshly shaved skin.  Trust me, no bueno.

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